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Hi blog, sorry for neglect you for almost a year I guess. I'm gonna keep it live when I got the time to blog :) shall load some photos instead. Stay tune! :>
The very first photo in 2013, my lovely boy 😍😊😁☺


Looking forward to friday! :)
My dearest boy went overseas with his coach and friends. It's already day4 without his calls/texts! :( I'm missing him so badly, wondering do he miss me like how I miss him? I hope he will. Counting down to 3 more days he back from china and 4 more days to friday :) because I'm going over to baby's place on friday! Can't wait for friday to arrive uh, really really miss him so much! This few days i'm baby's good girl for never go out anyhow spend money or drinking session. Hahaha he should be proud of me :) Okay gonna stop the post here. Gonna catch my drama and head to bed early! *if I can* haha! Shall update when i'm free :) nights world! Zzz.


Honeyboy crib
Currently at baby's place, done my shower and lying on baby's comfy bed hugging my favorite baobao right now :) going back to jurong tomorrow and i'm going to miss my dearest boy for 9days! :( he going overseas this coming friday! I just hope this 9days can pass as fast as it can uh! Pray hard πŸ™ Recently my gastric is being a bitch! -'- don't know how to maintain don't let it pain uh, the pain is just killing me 😱 k gonna be a short post, i'm going to watch show for a little while before heading to bed. Nights world Zzz!

[ Sometimes I felt that I pressure you a lot, sorry my dear boy ]


Congrats to this auntie sia, happy marriage :)
Everyone around me is getting married lo!
My mom still asked me when is my turn or will I same with my friends.
ε…ˆδΈŠθ½¦εŽθ‘₯η₯¨οΌŸ LOL! Feel like giving her a punch leh.
This few weeks baby is super busy with work!
Even his precious sunday also busy :(
I wanna catch movie this coming weekends! Can we? :)
K! Short update :) Shall update tomorrow when i have time and remembers to. HAHAHA

You are the best I ever had ξ€’
Happy 16th monthsary! <3 I love my dearest boy! :)
And TGIF, went over to baby's place. Had a short nap, baby wake me up during evening time wash up and changed bus down to chongpang :) Went to ζ³°ε›½ε°ι£Ÿ to have our dinner, thumbs up! ξ€Ž Yummyz! Hehehe ~ 111 to chit-chat > loryangduapehgong ζ‹œζ‹œ > changi to have nasilemak > jalankayu to fetch panda > dam lepak > home sweet home 

It's Thursday.

The time is pass 12am now so it's thursday! :)
Yesyes, i'm very near to friday! ^^ HEHEHE.
Tomorrow i have to redo my card again, thanks to the purple pen i used :(
Sometimes i'm wondering is there any problem with my mind/brain not.
Never fail to go haywire lo, :/ i dislike this feel.
I always telling myself - " Mabel, think positive! " :) I HAVE TO!
I'm waiting for my dearest boy to done his shower.
And we gonna chat on the phone later on! (HEART)

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Currently at baby's sweet home :) came over yesterday! Mad happy finally meet him after 8days  I love it when I wake up next to you in your warm hug! Bathed and prepared bused to 233 meet sexy mama for lunch, 可口青 :) chit chat awhile and home sweet home. Luckily both baby and me reaches home before the heavy pour if not we both sure become 落汀鸑. Hahahaha! Silly boy so cute asked me walked faster if not will kana rain end up he never speed up together! Lol ~ okay I'm so happy because spending my days with him!  Shall end my post here and go watch television with him lo! (Heart)

His Love, β™₯
β™₯ imjuanjuan
Sexy 21 :)
22nd November is my day! :D

My Love, β™₯
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